About Norbit
NORBIT      SUBSEA      designs      and      develops      wideband multibeam       sonars       for       hydrographic       applications, forward-looking   applications   as   well   as   advanced   subsea leakage   detection.      Our   solutions   are   based   on   the   latest in   analog   and   digital   signal   processing   and   our   products provide   wide   coverage   monitoring   combined   with   high sensitivity and accuracy. NORBIT    SUBSEA    is    part    of    the    NORBIT    GROUP,    an industrial      corporation      with      companies      in      SubSea, Intelligent       Traffic       Systems       and       Original       Design Manufacturing    of    industrial    electronics.    Our    engineers have      pioneered      groundbreaking      innovations      within monitoring,            instrumentation,            telemetry            and communication solutions for harsh environments..
Products of Norbit
BATHYMETRIC SONARS Bathymetric    sonars    are    used    to    measure    the    elevation and    depth    of    the    ocean    seafloor    for    hydrographic    and inspection    surveys    and    locating/identifying    underwater objects.   Measured   data   is   used   to   construct   3D   maps   of the       ocean       topography.       NORBIT’s       high-resolution bathymetric    MultiBeam    Echo    Sounder    (MBES)    sonars feature   an   extreme   compact   design,   which   enables   use on even very small platforms.
FORWARD LOOKING SONARS NORBIT’s Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) are high resolution Wideband MultiBeam Sonars (WMBS) with real-time image updating designed to detect obstacles in front of ships, such as seafloors and water obstructins, tracking sea mammals, monitoring pollution and underwater structures. The WBMS is an ultra compact sonar designed specifically for easy handling and installation.
Solutions of Norbit
I NTEGRATED BATHYMETRIC SOLUTIONS Our     integrated     solution     features     inertial     navigation system    GNSS/INS,    which    enhance    a    fast    and    reliable mobilization.           NORBIT’s           wideband           multibeam technology   allows   long-range   real-time   data   collection, while        simultaneously        achieving        very        high-range resolution.         NORBIT         sonars         have         low         power consumption   and   the   system   may   be   operated   for   a   full day on a single battery. LEAKAGE DETECTION The     oil     &     gas     industry     is     moving     into     harsh     and vulnerable      environments,      and      the      need      for      more advanced    monitoring    is    increasing.    Utilizing    the    latest technlogoly   available,   NORBIT   SUBSEA   has   developed   a range   of   products.   The   NORBIT   WBMS   series   are   ultra compact   sonars   optimized   for   long   range   subsea   leakage detection.   The   sensors   are   desgined   to   fit   on   a   multitude of different platforms both stationary and moving.
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The balance the development of man and nature is just click away. In MEDAREAD we are committed to protecting the enviroment.              © MEDAREAD 2015. All Rights reserved. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this site is prohibited.
The balance between the development of man and nature is just a clic away. In MEDAREAD we are commited to protecting the environment.                    © MEDAREAD 2015. All Rights reserved. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this site is prohibited.