About EIVA
EIVA   is   an   engineering   company   with   more   than   35   years’ experience     in     the     offshore     construction     and     survey industry.     We     provide     software,     equipment,     integrated system     solutions,     rental     services,     24/7     support     and software   training   to   a   wide   range   of   segments,   covering virtually any subsea task.  
Seeing our solutions out to the deck
The   world   is   seeing   a   steady   increase   in   operations   at   sea. This   increase   brings   with   it   a   need   for   solutions   that   will streamline   the   operations   of   organisations   specialising   in the    opportunities    offered    by    a    ‘blue    planet’,    as    well    as ensure     that     these     opportunities     do     not     come     at     the expense of the environment. 
Worldwide customer base and workplace
Our   extensive   customer   base   comprises   organisations   and companies    from    the    international    industry.    This    means that    our    staff    are    as    familiar    with    the    inside    of    aircraft cabins   as   they   are   with   the   seabed,   due   to   their   travels around the globe to assist our customers on-site.
EIVA     is     certified     by     BVQI     to     ISO     9001:2008     quality management systems requirements.
NaviSuite A complete software toolbox for subsea survey and engineering. NaviSuite Nardoa 		   Advanced 3D pipeline & cable route inspection NaviSuite Edulis Automatic 3D scour monitoring 24/7 – all year round NaviSuite Uca Plug and play 3D software for dredging operations CARIS & EIVA The best solution of the Company, ScanFish The ScanFish III range is the next generation of our proven ROTV solution that has always made . ToughBoy-Panchax Wave buoy with lowest possible total cost of ownership OceanEnviro High-quality and cost-effective winches . ATTU Improved survey results with improved time accuracy Inicio Productos Acerca de Contacto More Equipment Find more equipmnet for full integrated solutions.
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