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               About Us
MEDAREAD   has   a   proven   track   record   in   developing   engineering   and   construction   projects   for its clients.   We    are    capable    of    provide    from    consulting,    conceptual    studies,    designs    and    engineering, construction,    maintenance    and    operation,    to    decommissioning    under    a    standard    of    high technical    quality    and    respect    of    the    environment.    We    search    for,    and    implement    efficient processes   and   new   technologies   that   help   on   saving   energy   for   our   clients;   work   flows   that complete   their   purposes   as   improving   times   and   forms;   as   well   as   we   give   necessary   training   for the personnel in plants to assurance a safety and right work.   Our    staff    is    made    up    of    consultants,    project    managers,    engineers,    technicians    and    skilled workers    on    their    areas,    trained    on    healthy    and    industrial    safety.    When    our    clients    in    the infrastructural   sector   need   maintenance,   repairs   or   any   design   for   their   assets   we   look   for   a proper   solution   to   execute   the   project   quickly   as   well   as   avoiding   any   kind   of   interferences   into client’s daily operations, making a reality their projections for short and medium terms.   In    MEDAREAD    Representations    &    Distributions,    we    represent    world    class    companies    with products   of   high   quality   standards   that   delineates   a   clear   difference   in   the   markets   where   they play.   We   distribute   to   our   customers   these   products,   taking   care   of   them   since   logistics   of   the equipment   to   all   required   training   for   their   use,   offering   consulting   services   to   satisfy   efficiently each   need.   Our   customer   both   public   and   private   are   the   biggest   in   the   world   and   the   best   in their business.   Our strategy for the next years are simply, we want to grow in: -                              Increase   our   position   into   our   four   key   markets:   Oil   &   Gas;   Mining;   Environment   and Renewable Energies; and Infrastructure. -          Increase our capabilities and the range of services that we offer to our customers -          Increase our geographic position, mainly in developing regions   We   are   proud   of   our   key   values,   delivering   excellence   to   our   clients,   never   compromising   the safety, acting with integrity and always committed with the environment.